KING5 features report on Alzheimer’s treatment and the SCMP

KING5 News released a story Monday regarding the Snohomish County Music Project and Quail park’s partnership in delivering Alzheimer’s and aging-related disorder treatment to seniors. This pilot study began on June 3, 2014. Participants, on average, experienced positive outcomes on a range symptoms: memory recall, vocalization, mobility, and mood. The study consisted of two groups, each moving through different phases of individual music therapy sessions to group music therapy in common areas of the facility. See if you or a loved one would benefit from the Music as Medicine program, which was based on this work.

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  • As a patient for just over a year and now a volunteer I have first hand knowledge that this technique works. I wholeheartedly recommend that if you have an at risk family member whether it’s depression, or memory issues, you owe it to them and to your self to check out the Snohomish County

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