Casino Road Keyboard Orchestra youth celebrate with recital

Casino Road Keyboard Orchestra youth celebrate with recital

The Casino Road Keyboard Orchestra, comprised of youth from Everett’s Casino Road neighborhood, performed at their recital Saturday, August 29th. Over one hundred youth, family, and friends attended.

During the recital, youth sang original songs, played piano, and beat drums. Afterward, friends and family viewed each youth’s artwork and enjoyed refreshments. Artwork included their own homemade shakers, decorated CDs, and “stained glass” windows.

The Casino Road Keyboard Orchestra was created by the Snohomish County Music Project (SCMP) to encourage pro-social behavior development and build self-esteem. Led by Karla Hawley, Music Therapy Director at the SCMP, this programs utilizes three music therapists with clinical training as well as one music educator at the South Everett Boys and Girls Club. Students learn to play piano, record their music, and sing.

Each child completes a questionnaire about their emotional health and interest in the program. Parents are polled anonymously but less frequently. This data is then use to both improve the program as well as to identify challenges these youth might be facing.


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  • Rebecca Roybal says:

    These children will benefit in ways they cannot imagine but will discover as they continue to participate in music education now and throughout their lives.

    What a wonderful program Music Therapist, Karla Hawley has brought to our youth and community.

    Thank you Karla! Thank you Victoria!

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