Q&A with Dani Valdes – Music Therapy Intern

Q&A with Dani Valdes – Music Therapy Intern

By November 10, 2015 News, Q&A

Danielle “Dani” Valdes is a music therapy intern at the Snohomish County Music Project for Fall 2015. She studied Music Therapy as an undergraduate at Seattle Pacific University.

Danie Valdes, Music Therapy Intern

Danie Valdes, Music Therapy Intern


I went to Seattle Pacific University and studied Music Therapy. Seattle Pacific University is the only school in Washington state that offers Music Therapy. I wanted to stay in-state for an internship. This is the second half of my internship. Last three months I’ve spent at the Snohomish County Music Project. I used to work here as a practicum student as an undergrad with the at-risk and adjudicated youth at the Northwest Music Hall on Wednesday nights.

People Connecting through Music

Working with a variety of populations has been a tremendously positive experience. It’s interesting to see how music effects populations differently. At the same time, it’s a common thing: everyone feels comfortable, feels safe with music and they are all able to communicate through music on one level or another. Seeing that connection between people from diverse backgrounds and each of them responding to music is amazing.

I’ve created my own program while here. That’s been a source of growth for me. It started with nothing and now it’s happening. I started music therapy sessions at a school that didn’t even know what music therapy was. Now, there’s a program: I created assessment materials and developed something that’s –so far- been effective.

After the Internship

I currently work at the Seattle Symphony. The Seattle Symphony has an interest in music therapy. I’ll be working with specialized populations through the Symphony: people on the autism spectrum, a women’s shelter, and variety of other people. I’m also working on sensory-friendly concert for those who may be sensitive to loud noises and lights from a traditional concert.


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