Casino Road Winter Recital a huge success

Casino Road Winter Recital a huge success

The Casino Road Keyboard Orchestra celebrated the end of their current quarter with a winter recital on Saturday, December 5, 2015.

The Casino Road Keyboard Orchestra program began in February 2014. It had just 15 children. Today, there are over 90 each week. The program has also expanded to include parents so that entire families can share the experience. At no cost to participants, this program is a thriving part of the Casino Road neighborhood.

Big growth for small children

What’s more, the program is a positive influence on each kid and their family. During a survey at the recital, the parents reported the following changes:

Child's Confidence (n=46)91%9%0%
Ability to Finish Tasks (n=46)67%33%0%
Child's Behavior (n=47)62%38%0%
Time Family Spends Together (n=48)58%42%0%
Make New Friends (n=47)83%17%0%
Approve of New Friends (n=48)75%23%2%

That’s incredible progress for these children. Many of them are in their second quarter with the Keyboard Orchestra. With some students graduating and entering middle or high school, it’ll become important to for a bridge to continue making programs like this available.

Fortunately, community partners have stepped in to help expand the opportunities. Bible Baptist Church on Casino Road is providing piano mentors to youth on Wednesday nights. This allows for children to receive another day to practice.

Programs like this are made possible thanks to support from the community and individuals like you. The Keyboard Orchestra represents 35% of the Snohomish County Music Project’s annual budget but, for the number of lives it positively changes, it’s invaluable.

Thank you for making this Christmas merrier.

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