Youth programs flourish in 2015

Youth programs flourish in 2015

Youth programs flourished in 2015. The Snohomish County Music Project works with local community partners, to help identify, support, and nurture children in the community. Some of these partners are the Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund and the Community Foundation of Snohomish County. Thanks to support from the community and individuals like you, programs have flourished. One example is the Casino Road Keyboard Orchestra, which doubled in size. However, that’s just one of many here at the Music Project.  Programs include:

Unplugged Vibes – Unplugged Vibes offers a safe space for youth exiting the juvenile justice system or drug courts. They attend with their peers to help create a healthy, welcoming environment. This group meets every Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

Marysville / Quil Ceda / Tulalip Recovery – In response to the 2014 Marsyville-Pilchuck High School shooting, youth programs here consisted of a summer music camp and in-school services. These youth programs provided a small class setting for children. Group activities included song-writing, ensemble rhythm games, and other methods. This program is one of the largest at the Music Project. From July through August, 285 children were served at Quil Ceda & Tulalip Elementary schools, Liberty elementary, Marysville YMCA, Tulalip Boys & Girls Club, and St. Philips Episcopal Church.

Casino Road Keyboard Orchestra – The keyboard orchestra doubled in size since spring term. 90 children and even a few parents now attend each week. Participants received music education through a music therapy lens. These children are mentored, work in groups, and receive recognition in front of peers and significant adults in their life. It’s also leaving a lasting impact.

Youth Programs for 2016

Thanks to your support the programs above will continue in 2015. New programs will include an integrated choir for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities and friends. Sign-ups are due by January 14. Pilot programs are also being explored to reach teens in the greater Everett area. You can continue supporting the people served by the Music Project by giving online or volunteer for these programs.

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