Why Your Support Matters for 2016

Why Your Support Matters for 2016

Your support matters. See how your support is improving lives.

Support from members like you will sustain and expand programs for the coming winter and into the long days ahead of us. Free programs made possible through your support serve neighbors too often forgotten: at-risk children and youth, veterans and mature adults, and seniors.

You’re not just supporting a program; you’re investing in our community’s well-being.

See how you’ve helped our community below and how your continued support will improve lives across Snohomish County:

1) For Children

During 2015, your support helped us expand the Casino Road Keyboard Orchestra to over 90 children during Fall quarter (double last Spring’s attendance). It also paved the way for programs in the Marysville, Quil Ceda Tribe, and Tulalip Tribes communities as part of the recovery from October 2014’s shooting. Your support matters. It’s investing in these childrens’ future.

2) For Teens

36% fewer youth are incarcerated today than at its peak in 2000. The introduction of community-based alternatives is partly responsible. Programs like this help teens develop healthier relationships in safe, positive spaces. The Music Project works with youths at the Denny Juvenile Justice Center directly and at the Northwest Music Hall during a Wednesday night youth group. These alternatives help teens stay out of the prison system while providing healthy, safe environments for them to thrive in.

3) For Veterans & Mature Adults

Working with strategic community partners, the Music Project helps mature adults (especially veterans) grapple with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and adverse behaviors. This population is at most risk of suicide. Our “Acoustic Armor” jam band is a regular meet-up where individual clients who receive music therapy join others in a group session.

4) For Seniors

Seniors are a growing portion of our population. As Snohomish County’s “baby boomer” generation ages gracefully, the need for healing and management of aging-related disorders increases. Music Therapy fills that need. A 2014-2015 pilot study conducted by the Music Project at Quail Park of Lynnwood Memory Care Facility saw improvement in vocalization, mobility, memory recall, and mood for those managing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. We now offer free consultations to see if music therapy can help you or your loved one.

Your support matters. It’s changing lives in Snohomish County.

Please consider investing in our community’s future:

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