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By September 10, 2019 News, Video

As a music therapy organization, the Music Project is unique because it provides community music therapy with a focus on social justice and trauma-informed care. As a result, 80% of music therapy participants receive free services. However, in order to offer music therapy at no cost, the Music Project depends on alternative sources of income.

Milbrandt Vineyards, a local winemaker in Washington State, is holding a contest for nonprofits. The contest prize includes (1) up to 9,000 bottles of Sparkling Rose bottled with their logo, (2) enjoy a special release party hosted by the winery, and (3) receive a direct donation from the sale of the Sparkling Rose.

The Music Project needs your help to win this contest. Support music and well-being in Snohomish County, and vote at the link below today!

Watch this brief video to learn more about the Music Project.

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