We’re Launching a Podcast!

By February 25, 2020 News

In the world, there is a common understanding of the power of music. People often use it to relax, to help through challenging times in their lives, and to bring joy during dance parties. But, many people express confusion or uncertainty when we talk about music therapy. The first question is usually, “What is music therapy?” So, we’re launching a podcast!

The logo for the podcast, The Feeling is Musical. It's a red square with the words "the feeling is musical" left indented and a cartoon-y treble clef on the right.

The podcast, titled The Feeling is Musical, will answer all your questions about music therapy. And, maybe, give you some new questions to ask.

With a conversational tone, The Feeling is Musical will explore topics in music therapy including but not limited to: Social Justice in Music Therapy, Being an Autistic Music Therapist, and Music Therapy and Mindfulness.

You can tune into the conversation at any time from anywhere. The Feeling is Musical will be available on all podcast platforms as well as online here.

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