Staff Spotlight: Greta Ramos

By March 9, 2020 News, Q&A

At the Snohomish County Music Project, Greta is the resident cutie and guide dog to Yana Ramos. She graduated as a guide dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind in Oregon and trained in music therapy at Marylhurst University. She also completed her internship with the Music Project alongside her person. Greta’s duties include writing song parodies, wearing her Music Project bandana, giving doggy love, and reminding the Music Project humans that tug-of-war breaks are a necessary part of the day.

Greta looking towards the camera while wearing her black bandana with the Music Project logo.
Greta wearing her Snohomish County Music Project bandana.

What types of people do you enjoy working with the most? Greta’s favorite people are people, especially the toddler and child people who are right at kissing level. She also enjoys taller people, who she will find ways to give kisses to, so don’t worry. Greta is grateful that she is in a position to remind people to take deep breaths, wag with their whole self, and always parade their plush elephants around the room.

Greta in mid-play with her orange, plush elephant.
Greta in the middle of playing with her favorite elephant toy.

What is your hometown? Greta was raised in Dallas, Texas, and spent most of her life in the Pacific Northwest.

Who inspires you? She is inspired by Mister Rogers and Doug from Up.

What did you want to be growing up? Greta always knew she wanted to be a guide dog, but she didn’t imagine that she would also be a music therapy dog, a brand ambassador, or a songwriter.

A photo of Greta as a puppy. She's looking at the camera.
Greta as a puppy.

If you could plan a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? If Greta could go anywhere in the world, she would go to Sesame Street. Can you tell her how to get there?

If you were stuck on an island, what three (3) things would you bring with you? If she were stuck on an island…how would she get on an island? She is a lab who doesn’t like water! But she would definitely bring Mama, unlimited Elephants, and unlimited kibble.

Yana, Greta's person, is smiling at the camera while laying on their stomach. Greta is cuddling on Yana's legs and also looking at the camera.
Greta cuddling with her person, Yana.

What gives you joy? What brings Greta joy is wagging smiles onto people’s faces and reminding them that they are ruffed.

Share a fun fact about you. A fun fact about Greta is that she always wears a bow tie when she is on stage.

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