Collective Care Includes You: 7 Ways to Get Started!

By November 3, 2020 Q&A

When you think about compassion, does it include yourself? In a challenging time, we often forget to extend the same empathy and grace to ourselves as we do our family, friends and neighbors. But, caring about others starts with you. We encourage you to participate in collective care with us. 

Here are seven ways to get started!


You are with you all day, every day. Affirmations are a simple way to practice positive self-talk. Use these affirmations or write your own! 

A photo of music therapy participant looking down at her phone while singing into a microphone.


In a pandemic, social media is a great tool for connecting with our loved ones. But, it can negatively affect our mental health. Here are some ways to create healthy boundaries!


Listening to music is an easy way to experience the mental health benefits of music. And, the best part is there’s no “bad” music! It can be anything you like.

A photo of a person laying down on their back with one foot resting on an old school boombox.


Vulnerability is a powerful skill that opens us up to experiencing a greater connection. Start small and know it might be uncomfortable at first. Like any skill, it will get easier the more you practice. Here are 10 ideas to get you started!


Being creative is great for our mental health! It can increase positive emotions, reduce stress and decrease anxiety. Unleash your inner creator, and tag us @scmusicproject so we can cheer you on!


Get a little silly, have a dance party, do something that puts a smile on your face! Whether alone in your room or with others, your happiness matters. There is magic in your smile!

A music therapy intern dancing with an older elementary-age student. They are holding hands and spinning around in a circle.

Of course, it’s also okay to not be okay. Some days, it’s hard to find joy and smile. In those moments, please remember that you matter. If you want extra mental health support, we’re here for you. Send us a message here!

Need immediate support? Here are some hotlines you can call right now.

*Snohomish County residents may be eligible to receive music therapy services at no-cost.

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