Staff Spotlight: Cassie Fox

By November 12, 2020 Q&A

Currently a full-time Music Therapist with the Snohomish County Music Project, Cassie supports people in individual and group settings through a person-centered, anti-oppressive framework that emphasizes collaboration, relationships, and community. Additionally, they support music therapy interns as an Internship Supervisor. Prior to joining the team at the Music Project, Cassie spent eight (8) years with the Springfield-Greene County Public Library. Their roles included a Youth Services Associate engaging teens in afterschool programming, a Library Assistant for the downtown branch, and an Outreach Services Youth Assistant providing programming and resources for ages 2-25 years. Also, Cassie spent nearly two years supporting teens in a substance use treatment center.

Cass and their best friend, Greta, a yellow lab, smile at the camera in Sandy Cove Park (Snoqualmie, WA).

Cassie initially started with the Music Project as an intern. They applied for the Music Project internship because it offered opportunities with youth in community settings and emphasized community-driven work. It also happened to bring them to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, which Cassie happily now calls home. As a music therapist, Cassie finds meaning and joy in the process of connecting and collaborating with people in a variety of spaces and learning together. Cassie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Truman State University, and a Bachelor’s of Music Therapy with a minor in Psychology from Drury University in Missouri.

Cass and Adam stand on the Santa Monica Pier.

Where is your hometown? Springfield, MO – the “Queen City” of the Ozarks

Who inspires you? Everyone! I find interactions with humans and animals inspiring, whether connecting over a shared experience or hearing a perspective I’ve never considered. I feel constantly amazed by those around me.

Cameron, Cass' feline son, is sprawled with his limbs out while he lays on top of Cass' chest. Cass grins and stares knowingly at the camera.

What did you want to be when growing up? A writer, Rock Star, something with animals (or just to gain morphing abilities…haha), helping people out

If you could plan a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? Everywhere! No seriously, if I could go anywhere, I would love to teleport and see everything I possibly could. I have always wanted to visit a tropical rainforest.

What gives you joy? People, animals, trees, rain, smiles, intimate conversation, coffee, tasty food and chocolate, being snuggled under a blanket, music, road trips, daydreaming, stories.

Cass with their two favorite people, Yana and Adam, laugh at the camera by the Puget Sound at Point No Point.

If you were stuck on an island, what three (3) things would you bring? In my rucksack, which would be one item, I would include a water bottle and water filter, notebook and pens/pencils, a satellite phone with a solar charger (the phone would be preloaded with audiobooks and music), snacks, roasted and pre-ground coffee beans, my little moka pot, a mug, collapsible pot, lighter, and some dry beans. Item #2 would be a boat with my closest people and animals. Item #3 would be my instrument of preference at the time.

Share a fun fact about you. My birthday is December 24th and when I was born I was featured as a “Christmas baby” on local television.

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