Hitting the Right Notes

The Snohomish County Music Project (Music Project) has been providing music services to the Everett community since 1982. From its origin as the Everett Symphony, the Music Project has since transformed into one of the leading music therapy providers in the Pacific Northwest, uniquely meeting the needs of individuals, families, and communities in Snohomish County.

The Music Project has wholeheartedly embraced the successful music therapy approach to mental health services, employing board-certified music therapists who address some of our community’s most complex needs on both individual and systemic levels. Clients and community organizations throughout Snohomish County seek out the Music Project for individual or group music therapy sessions as a means of overcoming trauma and other mental health needs.

“We can no longer expect society to serve our art, we must use art to serve our society, serve our weakest, serve our children, serve our sick, serve our vulnerable, and serve all those who cry for vindication through the spirit of their human condition and the rising of their dignity.”

~ Dr Jose Abreu, Founder, El Sistema