The Music Project’s staff are a diverse group of exceptional individuals that bring years of experience in nonprofit, mental health, youth development, and music and the performing arts. They are dedicated to providing exceptional services for Snohomish County’s most vulnerable citizens with a shared vision of building sustainable communities.

Vasheti Quiros
Executive Director

Headshot of Vee Fansler

Vee Fansler, MT-BC, MMT-CAND
Senior Music Therapist

Headshot of Erica Lee

Erica Lee, MA
Associate Director

Headshot of Cassie Fox

Cassie Fox, MT-BC, MMT-CAND
Music Therapist

Headshot of Colby Cumine

Colby Cumine, MT-BC, MMT-CAND
Music Therapist

Headshot of Amy Hines

Amy Hines, MT-BC, NMT
Music Therapist

Headshot of Sam Burns

Sam Burns, MT-BC, MMT-CAND
Music Therapist

Katy Webber
Music Therapist

Headshot of Yana Ramos

Yana Ramos, MMT-CAND
Music Therapist

Headshot of Ally smiling.

Ally Perko
Music Therapy Intern

Wren Buse
Music Therapy Intern

Headshot of Greta

Service Dog/Resident Cutie