The Music Project’s staff are a diverse group of exceptional individuals that bring years of experience in nonprofit, mental health, youth development, and music, and the performing arts. They are dedicated to providing exceptional services for Snohomish County’s most vulnerable citizens with a shared vision of building sustainable communities.

A headshot of Ally smiling. She has fair skin, long, dark brown hair, and wearing a maroon shirt with a pendant necklace.


Ally Perko, BMA
Music Therapy Intern | she/her
[email protected]

A musician since childhood, Ally has spent much time working with children and people with disabilities. During her undergraduate music degree, which she obtained from Roosevelt University, she found music therapy and decided to pursue it in graduate school. Ally then attended the University of Iowa for her Master’s and Equivalency degree in music therapy. Ally approaches music therapy with humanism, holistic care, and trauma-informed care, so the Music Project was the perfect place for her internship!

A headshot of Amy smiling. She has fair skin, long, blonde hair, and wearing a light pink sweater.


Amy Hines, MT-BC, NMT
Music Therapist | she/her
[email protected]

Amy is a board-certified music therapist who enjoys working with people from a wide variety of different backgrounds, including those experiencing mental health concerns, transitions from homelessness, neurodivergent diagnoses, or medical challenges.  She uses a person-centered and resource-oriented approach and strives to integrate current science and neurophysiology into her work.  Amy earned her BA in Music Therapy from Marylhurst University.

A headshot of Cassie smiling. They have fair skin, short, curly brown hair, and wearing a blue and white striped shirt.


Cassie Fox, MT-BC
Music Therapist | they/them
[email protected]

Cassie is a board-certified music therapist, who supports youth and adults, using music for expression and emotional release, including individuals navigating transitional periods and affected by complex trauma. With over three years of clinical experience, Cassie has been working with youth in various community settings for over 13 years. Their work is centered on a community-oriented, anti-oppressive lens and a client-centered approach. Cassie is completing their Master’s in Music Therapy at Slippery Rock University.

A headshot of Colby smiling. He has fair skin, short brown hair with a beard, and wearing a cream colored sweater.


Colby Cumine, MT-BC
Music Therapist | he/him
[email protected]

Colby is a board-certified music therapist who is earning his Master’s degree from Slippery Rock University. He works with children and families who have experienced trauma and welcomes all who are searching for a place of validation, self-acceptance, and trauma recovery. Colby’s philosophy includes unconditional acceptance and client empowerment. Trauma-informed, psychodynamic, person-centered, non-directive, and culturally sensitive all apply to Colby’s therapeutic approach.

A headshot of Erica smiling. She has fair skin, shoulder length brown hair, light purple glasses, and wearing a black dress with dangly pink earrings.


Erica Lee, MA
Associate Director | she/her
[email protected]

Erica develops and coordinates marketing and outreach initiatives as well as oversees HIPAA compliance, music therapy records management, and volunteer coordination. Erica hosts and co-produces the Music Project podcast, The Feeling is Musical. Beyond the Music Project, Erica advocates for music therapy as a Board Director for the Music Therapy Association of Washington. Erica received her MA in Arts Administration from the University of Kentucky.

A headshot of Greta looking at the camera. She is a yellow Labrador and wearing her harness with a pink collar.


Greta Ramos
Guide Dog & Resident Cutie | she/her/dog

Greta is Yana’s guide dog and resident cutie at the Music Project. She approaches her work from a place of radical acceptance and wagging with her whole self. She shares space with small humans and tall humans, stuffed elephants, and any instrument in reach of her musical tail.

A headshot of Katy smiling. She has olive skin, curly, blonde, shoulder length hair, and wearing a blue printed top with a purple shawl and dangly red earrings.


Katy Webber
Music Therapist | she/her
[email protected]

Katy is a music therapist who engages with veterans and children in community programs. She practices with a humanistic philosophy. Katy believes that everyone is unique, and it is important to discover how to approach the music therapy process in a way that best fits the individual. Katy earned her BA in Music Therapy from St. Mary of the Woods College in Indiana, and a BA in Vocal Jazz Performance from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

A headshot of Sam smiling. She has fair skin, long, dark brown hair, dark colored glasses, and wearing a blue plaid shirt.


Sam Burns, MT-BC
Music Therapist | she/her
[email protected]

Sam is a board-certified music therapist working with young children and families in transition; she specializes in creating a space for healthy relationship building between parents and their children. She approaches music therapy with a trauma-informed, systemic lens. Sam is completing her Master’s in Music Therapy at Slippery Rock University.

A headshot of Vasheti smiling. She has fair skin, short, curled, brown hair, and wearing a blue blazer.


Vasheti Quiros
Executive Director | she/her
[email protected]

Vasheti comes from a diverse background with over 17 years of nonprofit management experience. She has played a major role in promoting the growth and success of non-profit organizations and is recognized for facilitating change, encouraging creative ideas, and implementing strategies that improve overall business operations. Vasheti oversees the day-to-day operations of the Music Project including management and administration, fund development and financing, policymaking, and community relations.

A headshot of Vee smiling. They have fair skin, short, brown hair, and wearing a button up shirt printed with little astronauts.


Vee Gilman, MT-BC
Senior Music Therapist | they/them
[email protected]

Vee is a board-certified music therapist working with children, youth, and families in transition. With five years of clinical experience, Vee practices from an anti-oppressive, resource-based, and improvisational paradigm, with emphases in collective healing after trauma and whole-family support as trauma prevention. Additionally, their approach is informed by queer theory and Indigenous studies. Vee is completing their Master’s in Music Therapy at Slippery Rock University.

A headshot of Wren smiling. They have fair skin, short, brown hair, dark colored glasses, and wearing a white lace top with a gray cardigan.


Wren Buse
Music Therapy Intern | they/them
[email protected]

Wren completed their Bachelor’s in Music Therapy with a Minor in Psychology from the University of the Pacific.  They’ve studied French horn for seven years, and enjoy playing in orchestral, chamber, and solo settings. As the music specialist for a summer camp, Wren engaged disabled individuals of all ages in individual and small group music activities and co-facilitated all-camp immersive recreational activities.  Wren is passionate about queer rights and body liberation and hopes to use music therapy to help individuals living in marginalized bodies feel embodied.    

A headshot of Yana smiling. They have a medium skin tone, short, black hair, and wearing a white shirt with a red and black plaid shirt over it.


Yana Ramos
Music Therapist | they/them/no pronouns
[email protected]

Yana is a music therapist whose personal and professional paradigm is grounded in disability justice, wonder, and playfulness. Yana shares space with children, families, and adults, where they strive to co-create in bravery and trust. As a neurodivergent and disabled person of color, Yana hopes to embody the belief that everyone is worthy of dignity, agency, care, and rest. Yana holds a BA in Humanities, a BA in Music Therapy, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Music Therapy.