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Songs hold memories and emotions and can be constants in times of change. As board-certified music therapists, we can collaborate with you to use your ideas to write and record a personalized song for someone you love that will hold your words of hope, gratitude, comfort, or celebration. Examples of personalized songs include:

  • Lullaby for your infant or child that shares messages of love and hope for them as they grow
  • Song of remembrance that holds cherished memories of a loved one
  • Celebration song to welcome a loved one home
  • Play song that can encourage family bonding
  • Tribute song to a loved one that expresses how they have impacted your life
  • Personal mantra to support grounding and regulation

A music therapist will meet with you for 45-60 minutes to discuss the themes and messages you would like your song to hold. Then, the music therapist will create a draft of the song for your feedback and provide you with a recording upon finalizing any changes. A follow-up session will be scheduled to discuss the ways your song has impacted you or your loved one.

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