Music YoU JAM

Music YoU JAM uses group music therapy sessions to work with at at-risk or incarcerated youth, adults and veterans.

For youth, this program is one of many alternatives to incarceration helping to reduce juvenile incarceration throughout the state. Through group exercises and discussions, youth learn coping mechanisms and how to better read others feelings. In short, kids are leaving prisons — and harmful behaviors behind.

For adults and veterans, this means less isolation from peer and the ability to tackle depression, PTSD, and other emotional disorders. It’s about expressing oneself, patiently working as a group to ease anxiety, and better regulating mood.


Regulate Mood

From calming techniques to the patience of learning an instrument, music therapy helps regulate mood. The endorphin rush after a jam session and regular singing further compounds these beneficial effects.

Manage Stress

Practicing material and calming techniques reinforce patience. To go from not knowing a piece and feeling out of one’s element to mastery is a slow, incremental process that rewards trial-and-error.

Reduce Isolation

By supplementing individual sessions with group “jam band” format ones, clients not only reintegrate with others in the community but pay attention to each others’ performance. This reinforces their ability to pick up on emotional cues, especially nonverbal ones, in order to resolve challenges.

Foster Resilience

Going from not playing (or never playing) in a group to performing a song is a tremendous accomplishment built on awareness of oneself and others’ performance. Discovering a passion for music and picking up on how others respond in a group also helps build stronger bonds.

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Veterans Day Celebration

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On Veterans Day, we had the privilege to celebrate and honor our military veterans. It was a joy-filled time together as one community.