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Children who have experienced trauma or have special needs may struggle with traditional music lessons. Music YoU PLAY offers individual and small group music lessons taught by board certified music therapists who can accommodate children’s different learning styles and adapt to behavioral, social or cognitive challenges. It is important to note that Music YoU PLAY will not address any treatment goals, as Music YoU HEAL, but will help children develop music skills despite the diagnosis.

Music YoU-PLAY adaptations may include:

  • Color coding for individuals who are not able to read traditional music notation
  • Visual aids to structure the lesson and reduce frustration
  • Music games, rhythm instruments, movement and singing to maintain attention and maximize learning
  • Both individualized and group instruction to encourage participation with music and maximize feelings of success


Improved Cognition & Fine Motor Skills

Learning to play an instrument can improve fine motor skills as well as cognition. Skills learned on instruments can be easily transferred to help individuals with special needs when engaging in fine motor skills, such as using the pincer grasp to hold a pencil or type on a keyboard.

Stronger Social Skills

By playing music with others or for others in a safe, structured context, children learn what it feels like to be successful in social settings. As they improve their impulse control, emotional regulation, and sense of safety with others, these skills generalize into opportunities for social success in their daily life.

Positive Adult Mentorship

Consistent instruction promotes strong mentorship relationships with the music therapists and promotes group cohesion among peers. Individual performances expand each student’s perceived support network by allowing them to experience success and receive praise in front of their larger community.

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Staff Spotlight: Yana Ramos

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Yana works to amplify the lived experience of the identities of the people they meet in the music therapy space, with an emphasis on neurodivergent and disabled identities.

Music Therapy with Native Youth

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Trauma-Informed Approach. A well-known longitudinal study called Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACEs) provides information on the affects of common childhood traumas which guides our music therapists’ work with a trauma-informed approach. This allows them…