Casino Road Community Keyboard Orchestra

Using music to improve pro-social skills, resilience and self-esteem.

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We rely heavily on community partners to realize our mission.

Music as Medicine

Using music to combat Alzheimer's disease, dementia and other aging related disorders.

Snohomish County Music Project
Using Music as a Tool to Inspire Snohomish County to Thrive

The Snohomish County Music Project is a non-profit organization that engages a network of passionate musicians and community members to promote artistic citizenship within our community. Our mission is to use the power of music to inspire people to do good things for their communities and for themselves. As such, we are as much of a human services organization as we are an arts organization, using music as a tool for positive change within our community.

Music Therapy

Central to our mission, we are improving the quality of life for some of Snohomish County’s most vulnerable and under-served populations through evidence-based music therapy services delivered by nationally board-certified music therapists.

Music Performance

We are also the proud managers of the Northwest Music Hall, providing a vibrant performing arts and event space in support of community philanthropy and artistic inspiration. Proceeds support the Snohomish County Music Project.

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