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Looking for the Northwest Music Hall?

We are no longer managing space at the Northwest Music Hall inside the Everett Mall, and have relocated to a new space located on the corner of Pacific and Wetmore in downtown Everett.

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2019-20 Impact Report

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BIG NEWS!!! 💥 We engaged 4,000 clients in music therapy programs this past year. During the pandemic, 98% of clients received support at no-cost.

Vasheti is smiling at the camera during a selfie. She's wearing a headband that says "Bubble Runner" and the bubbles behind her are a teal blue.

Staff Spotlight: Vasheti Quiros

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My role as Executive Director is never boring, EVER! It is a very exciting, fast-paced, and mentally stimulating job.

How to Write “Fill in the Blank” Songs

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Attempting to write a song all at once can be overwhelming. So, we’ve created a simple tutorial to help you start with the basics.

Sam and her husband, Jason, taking a happy selfie together. There are white Christmas lights in the background.

Staff Spotlight: Sam Burns

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Sam has always had a passion for making music with others. She primarily works with children ages 6mos – 12yrs and their families who have experienced trauma. As a music therapist, Sam believes in a relational systems-informed holistic approach.